Eklavya: The Learner and the Podprenuer

Welcome to the Eklavya- The Podprenuer! I am a Learner and this Podcast is one of my attempts to Learn More! You can find me on YouTube as well as Eklavya-The Learner. I study in Grade II.

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Sunday Jun 14, 2020

Eklavya recites 5 short poems from the poetry posters. ये पाँच बाल कविताएँ सुनें और ज़रूर बताएं आपको कैसा लगा!

Thursday Jun 04, 2020

Eklavya brings his Papa to take His Own Interview! Seems he is better at Answering the Questions! Please do Listen!

Sunday May 31, 2020

Eklavya returns with a few thoughts and with Many Words! His Own Ways... his own Podcast! There is a short story is well!

Tuesday Mar 10, 2020

Eklavya and Dewangi appeared on the local AIR FM's Bal Sabha on 8 March 2020  

Monday Jan 27, 2020

Eklavya... after a few days he is back with his podcast and today he is singing a haryanvi bhajan

Sunday Jan 05, 2020

Eklavya brings his loving Cousin Saharsh. This younger brother of Eklavya is 3 years old and is fun to talk to.

Monday Dec 30, 2019

Happy New Year 2020

Sunday Dec 15, 2019

Sunday Special: Eklavya introduces his friend Devangi and she impresses with her story telling. Listen, Subscribe and Share!

Thursday Dec 12, 2019

Eklavya makes a new podcast with some questions and experience of his visit to Papa's Naani Village where he enjoyed a lot.

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